Dean Norrie

Success & Mindset Coach

Dean’s passion is working closely with business owners to find a smarter way of doing
business. By improving the customer service experience, businesses can do much better at

the same time as benefiting their clients, it’s win-win. Business leaders can have a stress-
free lifestyle and have their cake and eat it too.

Academically, Dean has qualifications in Business Growth & Development, provided
professional sales training and staff development on cruise ships, worldwide, is a founding
director of several start-ups, 28+ years of unique business ownership experience providing
his clients with a myriad of knowledge and expertise.
Growing up in New Zealand with self-employed parents, it’s no wonder entrepreneurship
runs deep in his DNA. Dean is an author, speaker, traveller and adventurer visiting over 80
countries. Dean values forming long-lasting mutually beneficial relationships and is happiest
when helping others to realize their true potential.

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